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Terumo's Beating Heart Products offer your surgical team a versatile combination of the strongest stabilization, lowest profile and easiest positioning, and supports both traditional off-pump and minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

Titan Stabilizer

Terumo Titan Stabilizers provide optimal positioning, stabilization and coronary artery isolation during Beating Heart surgery.

  • Dynamic tissue adherence ensures secure stabilization on the beating heart
  • Micro-footprint vacuum compression maintains position of the device
  • Malleable metal design allows surgeons to bend and conform to anatomic shapes
  • Flexible articulating positioning (360° ball or sliding shaft quick-connect design)
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Titan™ Stabilizer
Catalog Number Description Units/Case
001-401-231 Stabilizer, Titan
Single use, suction, malleable footprint
001-401-231LS Stabilizer, Titan, LS
Single use, long shaft, malleable footprint
001-401-231U Stabilizer, Titan, with ball attachment
Single use, suction, 360 degree articulation maximizes vessel access and stabilization; malleable footprint

Beating heart technology for coronary artery bypass grafting is well documented.
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