Terumo Cardiovascular Group

Vascutek® Vascular Grafts

In the U.S., Terumo Cardiovascular Group distributes vascular grafts manufactured by its sister company Vascutek Ltd., a subsidiary of Terumo Corporation. Outside the U.S., the products are distributed via a network of distributors and direct sales operations. The extensive range of knitted and woven polyester grafts includes Gelweave Valsalva™, the world's first anatomically designed aortic root graft. A comprehensive line of ePTFE grafts is also available.

Vascutek® Knitted Polyester Grafts
Vascutek® Gelsoft™ Plus Straight GraftsVascutek® Gelsoft™ Plus Bifurcate Grafts
Vascutek® Gelsoft™ Plus ERS GraftsVascutek® Gelsoft Plus ERS Equi-Flo™ Grafts
Vascutek® Gelsoft™ ERS GraftsVascutek® Gelsoft ERS Equi-Flo™ Grafts
Vascutek® Gelsoft™ Straight GraftsVascutek® Gelsoft™ Bifurcate Grafts
Vascutek® Gelseal™ Straight GraftsVascutek® Gelseal™ Bifurcate Grafts
Vascutek® Thin Wall Carotid PatchesVascutek® Fluoropassiv™ Thin Wall Carotid Patches
Vascutek® Gelsoft™ PatchesVascutek® Gelseal™ Patches
Vascutek® Woven Polyester Grafts
Vascutek® Gelweave™ Pre-curved GraftsVascutek® Gelweave Valsalva™ Grafts
Vascutek® Siena™ Collared Branched Grafts with Radiopaque MarkersVascutek® Gelweave™ Branched Grafts with Radiopaque Markers
Vascutek® Gelweave™ Trifucate Arch GraftsVascutek® Gelweave™ Straight Grafts
Vascutek® Gelweave™ Bifurcate GraftsVascutek® Gelweave™ Ante-Flo Grafts
Vascutek® Gelweave™ Plexus GraftsVascutek® Gelweave™ Thoracoabdominal Grafts
Vascutek® Gelweave™ Coselli Thoracoabdominal Grafts
Vascutek® ePTFE Grafts
Vascutek® Cobrahood™ GraftsVascutek® CannulaGraft™ Device
Vascutek® SEALPTFE™ Ultrathin GraftsVascutek® SEALPTFE™ Wrap Grafts
Vascutek® Taperflo™ GraftsVascutek® MAXIFLO™ Ultrathin Grafts
Vascutek® MAXIFLO™ Wrap GraftsVascutek® MAXIFLO™ Tapered Grafts