Terumo Cardiovascular Group

Vascutek® CannulaGraft™ Device [22]

CannulaGraft uses gelatin-sealed ePTFE to minimize graft sweating and suture hole bleeding during axillary cannulation.


  • Pre-assembled cannula and gelatin-sealed ePTFE graft
  • Wire-reinforced cannula body includes 3/8" connector and luer port for de-airing

Product Information

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Vascutek<sup>®</sup> CannulaGraft™ Device

Vascutek® CannulaGraft™ Device

Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
Vascutek® CannulaGraft™ Device
CGS2008SCannulaGraft, 8 mm SealPTFE with 8 mm Terumo cannula1
  • [22] Manufactured by Vascutek Ltd., Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK. Distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Terumo Cardiovascular Group, Ann Arbor, MI.