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EQUANOX™ Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System [53]

Nonin Medical's EQUANOX Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System is a noninvasive monitoring device that provides real-time management of patients at risk for brain damage or other major organ injury during surgery and in critical care environments.


  • Cerebral and Somatic Monitoring: Up to four channels displayed on one screen for monitoring oxygen saturation in the brain and somatic sites on the body.
  • Patented Dual-Light Emitters and Detectors with Four Wavelength Accuracy: The first and only device that utilizes a dual-light emitting and detecting sensor architecture, which has been shown to more effectively target the cerebral cortex, eliminating surface artifacts that interfere with measurement accuracy.
  • Absolute Accuracy: Assures accurate measure of tissue saturation at a point in time, not just relative or trending accuracy of changes.

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EQUANOX™ Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System

EQUANOX™ Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System

Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
EQUANOX™ Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System
7600-010101--7600 Regional Oximetry System, RS232
Includes: One 7600 monitor, one 7600TC-1 2-channel trunk cable, two 7600PA advance pods, one MPP30M power supply, one power cord (7600PCS-US), one operator's manual on CD, one eVision CD, one quick start guide (English)
Accessories and Replacement Parts
8903-001Model 7600 monitor, regional oximetry monitor, RS2321
7778-001Model 7600PA, regional oximetry pod, advance1
6583-001Model 7600TC-1, regional oximetry trunk cable, 2-channel1
7460-001Model 7600TC-2, regional oximetry trunk cable, standard 4-channel1
8548-001Model 7600TC-2A, regional oximetry trunk cable, extended 4-channel
(ch 1 and 2, 2" and ch 3 and 4, 8")
9025-002INT-100 Cable lock for the 7600PA pods for use with INT-100 Intermediate cable1
10535-001INT-100 Intermediate cable for use with Model 8204CA Sensor1
7600TC-02------Model 7600TC, regional oximetry trunk cable, extended 4-channel kit
Includes: One 7600TC-2A extended (ch 3 and 4, 8") 4-channel trunk cable, two 7600PA advance pods
8308-001eVISION CD-ROM1
3469-000Model UNI-RS232, null modem download cable1
8140-004Model MPP30M, power supply1
7448-000Model 7600PCS-US, power cord (U.S.)1
110708-001Model PC, pole mount clamp1
6533-000Model 7800CC, carrying case, black1
3668-100Model AVANT RS-S, deluxe 5-point rolling stand with adjustable pole height1
8972-001Model DYMO® labels, DYMO® printer labels (roll of 300)1
8973-001Model DYMO® SE450, DYMO® printer RS232 76001
9426-000Model 7600 Manual, regional oximetry operators manual on CD-ROM1
Disposable Sensors
9747-001Model 8004CA, SenSmart™ Advance Sensor, large, long20
10433-001Model 8204CA, SenSmart™ Advance Sensor, Short20
9748-001Model 8003CA, SenSmart™ Classic Sensor, large, long20
9749-001Model 8004CB, SenSmart™ Advance Neonatal/Pediatric Sensor20
9750-001Model 8004CB-NA, SenSmart™ Advance Neonatal/Pediatric Sensor, non-adhesive20
  • [53] Manufactured by Nonin Medical, Plymouth, MN. Distributed by Terumo Cardiovascular Group, Ann Arbor, MI.