Terumo Cardiovascular Group

TLink™ Data Management System [39]

A data acquisition system so the perfusionist's primary focus is on the patient.

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TLink™ Data Management System

TLink™ Data Management System

Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
825184TLink™ System touch-screen plus1
814857Touch-screen mounting bracket1
814858Extension pole mount bracket1
814806Touch-screen tray bracket, small1
814855Touch-screen tray bracket, large1
815689Notebook tray bracket, small1
814856Notebook tray bracket, large1
Accessories for TLink™ Data Management System
814870Touch-screen stylus1
815804Barcode laser scanner1
815805Barcode laser scanner holder (required with 815804)1
814854Serial converter hub, 10-port1
814808Single port serial converter1
8156814-port USB hub extension (converts 1-port USB to 4-port USB)1
Cables and Adapters
816093Cat5E shielded cable, 7' (RJ45-RJ45)1
816094Cat5E shielded cable, 15' (RJ45-RJ45)1
816095Cat5E shielded cable, 25' (RJ45-RJ45)1
816096Cat5E shielded cable, 50' (RJ45-RJ45)1
816098TLink™ Data Management System adapter (DB9F-RJ45)1
816103Terumo® System 1/other adapter (DB9M-RJ45)1
816099Sarns™ 8000 System/CDI® 101/500 adapter (DB9M-RJ45)1
816100CDI® 100 System adapter (DB9F-RJ45)1
816101Centrifugal adapter (DB9F-RJ45)1
816426Philips IntelliVue adapter (RJ45-DB9F)1
822703Philips IntelliVue listen adapter1
816298HP®/Agilent/Philips CMS adapter (DM25F-RJ45)1
816295HP®/Agilent/Philips CMS adapter (DM25M-RJ45)1
816102GE Datex S5 adapter (DB9F-RJ45)1
822701GE Datex S5 listen adapter1
823285GE CARESCAPE B850 cable (USB-DB9M)1
816297GEM®/INVOS® adapter (DB9F-RJ45)1
822672Splitter (DB9M-DB9F/DB9F)1
822673Splitter (RJ45-RJ45/RJ45)1
819185Splitter, with hex nuts (DB9F-DB9M/DB9M)1
822702Serial adapter (DB9F-DB9M)1
815682Serial adapter (DB9M-DB9M)1
814868Serial adapter (DB25M-DB25M)1
814863Serial adapter (DB9F-DB25M)1
814867Serial adapter (DB9F-DB9F)1
814866Serial adapter (DB25F-DB25F)1
814860RS232 cable, 6' (DB9M-DB9F)1
815683RS232 cable, 25' (DB9M-DB9F)1
814862RS232 cable, 50' (DB9M-DB9F)1
815684RS485 cable, 6' (DB9M-DB9F)1
  • [39] Inquire about availability.