Terumo Cardiovascular Group

How can you ensure hands-on training and sufficient practice for perfusionists, students and clinicians involved in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery?

Simulation for real world experience.

The Orpheus Perfusion Simulator is a technologically sophisticated tool. It goes beyond traditional training to create a life-like simulation of the perfusion experience during cardiopulmonary bypass. It provides trainees with unlimited opportunity to practice emergency situations without the pressure and risk involved in a real-life procedure.

Uses for the Orpheus Simulator

Training of new and experienced perfusionists:

  • Perfusion crisis management
  • Developing a team approach to cardiac surgery crisis management

Proficiency checking and certification:

  • Periodic proficiency reviews for experienced perfusionists
  • Confirmation of skills for new hires

Demonstrations and testing of equipment:

  • Demonstration of perfusion techniques to surgeons, anesthetists and intensivists
  • Evaluation of new circuits and/or equipment