Terumo Cardiovascular Group

Mission Trip 'Highlighted' by CDI 500 System

A volunteer medical team on a clinical mission trip conducted open heart surgery during a power outage, but averted serious injury due to several features of the CDI™ 500 Blood Parameter Monitoring System.

"To put it bluntly, without the CDI 500 guiding us, it is probable that the child we were operating on would not have had the normal post operative outcome that we achieved," says Hayden Dando, CCP, Perfusionist at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Australia. Mr. Dando is actively involved with Operation Open Heart, a program in which volunteer medical teams visit developing countries to perform surgery.

"We sort of expect blackouts at least once per trip," says Mr. Dando. "So when the lights went out, the usual emergency plan kicked in. One pefusionist begins handcranking, and torches are like searchlights attempting to find the surgical field.

"At this point I couldn't quite figure out why I could see more than usual. Then I noticed that the CDI 500 was still on, running on battery, its backlit LED screen providing much needed light."

After a few minutes of the outage, the medical team had no idea when the power would come back on. "We are handcranking but have no readout of how fast we are pumping. For short periods, it's no real drama, but for longer periods, it becomes a serious problem."

Then, the team remembered all the functions of the CDI 500 system. Using the parameters provided on the monitor, the team could accurately gauge the speed of handcranking, tailor the ventilating gas flow to the oxygenator, and guide the speed at which they fed hot water to the heat exchanger.

"On top of that, when we're ready to come off bypass and everyone was starting to worry about the patients outcome, we gave them a printout of the last hours worth of readings from the CDI 500 and were able to show that, in essence, the patient had the same perfusion during bypass that they would have had without the power cut."

The surgical team worked 45 minutes without power. After the unusual circumstances and satisfactory result, Mr. Dando sent a letter to Brenda Bell,Cardiovascular Product Manager, Terumo Corporation, Australian Branch. Terumo loans the CDI System for each mission trip.

"I'm writing to say thank you once again for the loan of the CDI 500 and CDI 101's for Operation Open Heart Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Around 100 kids and adults have a new lease on life and near normal life expectancy now, in part, thanks to you and the team," writes Mr. Dando.

"Your decision to support the program has directly and fundamentally changed the outcome for this patient by allowing us to see exactly what was happening, both physically and physiologically," his letter concludes.